Solar Lights


Solar Shoebox

Suitable for area lighting in paths and parking lots. The fixture can mount to a 60 mm pole from either the bottom or back. The battery can charge in as little as 10 hours of full sun. The fixture automatically dims after inactivity, allowing for usage for up to 6-8 nights (10 hours at full power).


Solar Flood Light

This solar flood light features a separated solar collector and light emitter, allowing for more flexibility in installation. It is suitable for use as either a flood light or a wall pack in applications such as building exteriors, parks, billboards, covered porches, and residential areas. The 4 meter cord allows for the light fixture to be places in areas without direct sunlight.


Jupiter Cold-Weather Solar Light

This solar pole light includes a battery heater, allowing it to be used in colder temperatures. It also includes a self-cleaning feature that can push off snow and dirt/dust buildup (runs every 6 hours).


Rotatable Solar Wall Pack

This solar wall pack is rotatable with a range of 45 degrees. Its small form factor makes it suitable for use on residential garages, fences, and walkways near buildings.

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