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Our Mission

It’s time to expect more from lighting than just light. It’s time to blaze new trails in human centric, smart and connected lighting. With our customizable LED technology, we convert existing fixtures into modern lighting systems and also create entirely new lighting concepts. Using the latest scientific findings, we provide the ultimate in lighting control to enhance vision, well-being, and performance.  

US Luminaire. Expect brilliance.


We light spaces. We use light to make workforces more productive; storefronts more attractive; houses of worship more inspiring; and parking lots, garages, and walkways safer.

If you have a space to illuminate, our full spectrum of the highest quality, energysaving LED products can do the job.


Every space has its own unique lighting requirements and not every product is ideally suited to meet those needs. Our solution is to customize our products when necessary so that once installed, they deliver the exciting illumination the space needs.

In some cases, we modify our LED lights. In other cases, we engineer a set of lighting controls that work with our lights to deliver tailor-made solutions.

In every case, we provide a comprehensive offering that optimizes illumination and maximizes the energysaving potential of your LED lighting system.


Lighting is more than just light. We engineer our LED solutions in-line with the human circadian rhythm in order to enhance vision, well-being, and performance.

Based on the latest findings in science, customer interactions, and evolving user needs, we continuously strive to upgrade our human-centric lighting solutions.

Our smart, connected lighting systems and tunable light solutions create endless possibilities for advanced user control and energy management.

Meet the Leadership Team

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Ehssan Taghizadeh

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Ehssan is a technical leader with over 20 years of senior level management experience and a background in electrical engineering. He specializes in product innovation, implementation and management for both public and private organizations in the high tech and solid-state lighting industries. Before founding US Luminaire, he was the CEO of Heilux, a LED lighting innovator.

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Ameer Kian

Director of Procurement


Lee Stagni, Director of Planning, Administration & Communications at US Luminaire

Lee Stagni

Director  of Planning, Administration & Communications

Lee brings over four decades of progressive management experience in the technology arena, providing leadership in business unit planning, contracts, customer administrations and corporate communications. Previous to joining US Luminaire, Mr. Stagni held Chief Operating Officer roles with Comtrol Corporation, Green Lites Technologies, and Heilux, and was the Chief Marketing Officer at AmeriData Technologies, Inc. a $2B NYSE listed computer firm.

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