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Lighting is more than just light

Human Centric Lightig

Lighting is More than Just Light

Enhance your light experience with human-centric and smart lighting.

We develop and implement customizable LED lighting in line with the human circadian rhythm. Based on the latest scientific findings, customer insights, and evolving customer needs, we continuously improve our LED products to enhance vision, well-being and performance. Combined with our smart, connected lighting systems, we create endless possibilities for advanced user control and energy efficiency management.  


“Working with US Luminaire has met all expectations we have of a LED manufacturer. Thanks to their quick response and action plan, they were able to help us solve our lighting needs by providing excellent solutions for our mutual customers. This has resulted in additional business for both of our companies.”

Steve Hahn
Executive, Luma Sales

Ready to find out more?

For more information on US Luminaire, our team, and the ambitious mission we are on to revolutionize the way lighting systems are implemented, please click on "Learn more" or contact us at

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