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US Luminaire

Address: 2360 Nevada Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427

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Classic Commercial Can

These commercial cans replace incandescent, CFL, or HID fixtures with a wide range of aperture sizes. The simple installation allows the fixture to be installed from below the ceiling without removing the existing fixture.


Slim Downlight

This slim down light is a flush mount LED fixture that can be mounted junction boxes and replaces standard 4” and 6” recessed housings. It is composed of a polycarbonate lens with an aluminum ring.


Split Cans Downlight

The innovative separable design of junction box and housing makes it more flexible, with 75 degree beam angle, the 4, 6, 8, or 10 inch split commercial down light can fulfill a wide range of lighting needs. Easy-fit installation comes from adjustable spring-action housing clips. It is designed and engineered for recessed applications, which is suitable for commercial and public places and elegantly decorates the ambiance, such as shopping mall, hospital, airport, hotel lobby, etc.


Round Downlight Panel

Note: This product is being discontinued and replaced with USL-CSP2C. Limited stock is available.

These LED round panels are an ideal replacement for commercial and residential downlighting applications. The round panel range is sized to be inserted directly into standard light cut holes. By having LED chips mounted in the edge of each panel greater beam angles can be achieved than traditional. Each panel is supplied with a driver connected through armored cables reducing the fire hazard risk, especially important in high voltage commercial applications.