Canopy Lights


10-Inch Square Canopy Light

Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications in parking structures, storage areas, processing plants, indoor stadiums and gas stations, this ultra-slim canopy fixture is certified for wet applications and carries a 5-year warranty.


15-Inch Square Canopy Light

This canopy light is available with either an internal driver or external driver. The internal driver option features a die-cast aluminum body as an integrated heatsink. The external driver comes equipped with a junction box. The attached cable is 13 inches long.


23-Inch Square Canopy Light

This slim surface-mounted canopy light is ideal for gas stations and garages. It includes an aluminum heatsink for excellent thermal management. The attached cable is 13 inches long.


11-inch Round Garage Fixture

This garage fixture incorporates a microwave motion sensor for optimal energy management. Its lightweight, robust design allows for ease of installation and long life. Built with aluminum and polycarbonate, this fixture can be surface-mounted, pole-mounted, or NPT.


16-Inch Square Canopy Light

This canopy fixture is surface-mounted. Ideal for use in gas stations and parking garages. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this fixture has an optional motion sensor.


Shallow Canopy Light

This shallow canopy light features side-emitting light. This fixture is ideal for use in soffits to provide a wider illuminated area. It provides a little bit of uplight to remove the “cave” aesthetic created by dark spots in the ceiling.


13-inch Round Garage Fixture

This round garage fixture can be surface mounted or pole mounted. It has an optional microwave sensor with integrated daylight sensing. The sensor has predetermined programs for dimming options, or it can be customized. This fixture can be mounted flush, with a hook, or with a standard 1/2” pole.


19-Inch Square Canopy Light

This gas station canopy light offers a sleek look while boasting a long life and optimal optical design. Incorporating Philips Lumileds LED, it has very high lighting efficacy.


Round Soffit Light

This 12” round fixture is only 1/2 inch thick, making it ideal for low ceilings and minimalists. It can be used indoors and outdoors in locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, porches, patios, and soffits.

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